Junior Clinics

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Please call the club @ 763-6006 if you need guidance on which clinic is right for your junior tennis player.

Red Ball (ages 5 – 8)
1 hour, 36′ court w/smaller net, 21″ or 23″ racquet, Age 5-8. The class is designed for juniors 8 and under who have never played or need to work on their skills before advancing. Main emphasis is developing hand-eye coordination, balance, learn all the fundamental strokes through drills and/or skill building games, simple technical (bio-mechanics) fundamentals, build muscle memory, scoring and most of all, have FUN in the process. The Red Ball objective is to be able to rally with low-compression balls.

Orange Ball (ages 9 – 10)
1 hour, 78′ court, 23″or 25″ racquet, Ages 8-10. This class is designed to build upon the motor skills and athletic capabilities developed in the previous stages, with an emphasis on speed, agility, moving effectively to ensure good positioning and balance for each shot. Continuing to focus on the development of a consistent stroke that becomes the cornerstone of rallying, serving as well as basic tennis strategies, scoring for match play. The Orange Ball objective is starting to prepare them for match and tournament play.

Green Ball (Ages 10 – 12)
1 hour, 78′ court, 25″ to 27″ racquet, Ages 9-12. This class is designed to refine technical and tactical skills on a full-sized court. The concept of offense and defense in both singles and doubles will be introduced. Control exercises that improve consistency, direction and depth will be enhanced. The Green Ball objective is to ensure a smooth transition to the full game.

Beginner Teens (Ages 13 & up)
 1 hour, 78′ court. This class is for players 13 and up at the true beginner level. We will work on the basic fundamentals of the game working on serving, rallying and scoring. We will drill from a dead ball feeding as well as putting the student into play based situations. These different situations will help the players develop a strong understanding of the fundamentals of tennis.

Pre-Academy Program
This class is designed for those players who express the increasing will to improve and move to the next level. These players have maybe just started playing tournaments and junior team tennis very recently. Once these players gain the experience through their matches and practices as well as the skills, they will be invited to the academy programs.

Academy Program
The academy program is designed to train players who are playing competitive tennis. This could be USTA junior team tennis, USTA junior tournaments (etc). These players will excel at tennis through hard work and dedication to the program. The academy will work on all aspects of tennis through hand feeding, basket feeding as well as live ball drills. We will focus on different situations players may find themselves in during a match or match play.

Advanced Teens Program
This class is offered to players whose goal is to play competitive tennis and on their high school team. We will focus on singles and doubles strategy and tennis fitness as well as the different situations players find themselves in during matches.

High School Player Program
This class is offered to current high school players who are on their varsity team. We will focus on singles and doubles strategy and tennis fitness as well as the different situation players find themselves in during matches.