We have something for all ages at MTC!

No matter what your age or player level is, we can provide instruction and help get you up and running. We can even help outfit you with a racquet and tennis apparel. Once you’re comfortable, we can also assist in plugging you into Match Play or a league. Stop by for a visit and a look around, we’ll be happy to give you a tour of our complex!

Scheduling Tennis Lessons/Clinics

Check out our staff section to learn about our instructors who are USPTA rated!

All lessons are made by appointment in person or by calling the front desk at 763-6006. Every effort will be made to return calls within 24 hours. For any general questions regarding lessons, you may also email us at info@midlothiantennis.com.

Lessons are given as private (individual) or group (clinics). Private lessons are offered in one-half hour or 1-hour time slots as many times per week as desired. Clinics are given for all levels and ages as many times per week as desired. For a list of various programs, please consult with the tennis staff or come by the front desk.

MTC Teaching and Coaching Philosophy

1. To be a double-goal coach: teaching life lessons and winning. To stress winning is important, it is not the most important. The athlete and life lessons come first, winning second.

2. To ensure players have fun, enjoy the game and put effort, learn and manage and bounce back from mistakes while playing and learning the game.

3. To use tennis as a vehicle to teach life lessons- life values (respect, excellence, discipline) and life skills (honesty, integrity, fairness, problem-solving and self-reliance). Teach respect for rules, opponents, officials, teammates, equipment and one’s self.

4. To develop and train players to be game-ready players and to teach players of all levels to be proficient at all areas of the game (physical, mental, tactical and technical).

5. To develop tennis players into the best athletes they can be. Emphasis is placed on performance-oriented goals first, then outcome-oriented goals. The long term goal of a player is to reach their maximum potential.

6. To ensure that tennis training/practice sessions predominantly simulate match situations.

7. To develop game styles which are consistent with personality and physical skills of the player.